How do I create an API key on Binance?

How do I create an API key on Binance?

1. After logging in to your Binance account, go to “Manage API” in the account drop-down menu. After going to the API management page, set the API key (API name) and click “Create”.

* Security Reminder: Before creating the API, you need to enable two-factor verification.

2. Click on “Create API” button

3. Select “Auto-Generated”

4. Create a name of your key

5. Click on “Get code” and enter the confirmation code of your e-mail, phone, and Google, then click on “Get Code”

6. After creating the API, save your secret key in a safe place, because it will not be shown again. For security reasons, keep in mind that the key cannot be shared with anyone. (If you ever forget the Secret Key, we won’t be able to recover it. The only solution is to delete the API and create a new one.)

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