TradeLink Telegram Bot

TradeLink Telegram Bot

Tracking trading results is now in telegram!

After analyzing the most popular requests and desires of our users, we came to an unambiguous decision: there should be a Telegram bot.

That is why, for the last month, part of our team has been working tirelessly to create the first version of TradeLink Telegram Bot

Here is a short list of its features:

– Search across TradeLink users and all public portfolios

– Display full statistics of any portfolio on a daily timeframe

– Display of open positions

– Rating display

– Daily, weekly, and monthly rating

We are glad to introduce a beta version of TradeLink Telegram Bot

Starting today, TradeLink Bot will be regularly updated similar to the main platform.

By all means, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the robot right now, and we, in turn, will gladly accept any feedback on this matter in our chat.

P.S. the chance of adding the feature you need tends to be 100 if you write about it

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