Update Summary 15.01

Update Summary 15.01


Since the last update, we have been working effectively every day to provide you with the best possible analytics service.

In this update, the changes affected primarily the visual component of the platform, but the logical component was also not forgotten

Our telegram channel has a summary of the update, but here is a complete list of all the changes:


  • Added display of the number of transactions per key element in the dashboard section
  • Added the “Source for” block on the key element. It displays all portfolios based on this key.
  • Improved key validity check logic
  • Improved the logic for adding a key
  • Improved the logic of the key loading indicator


  • Added automatic updating of chart values on the portfolio page (reloading the page to get new values is no longer needed)
  • Improved the display of portfolio charts on the rating page (now they take up more space and are easier to read)
  • Improved margin balance tooltip
  • Made minor improvements to the names of indicators on the portfolio page
  • Minor position monitor improvements


  • Improved the filter for exchanges
  • Improved notification logic (now there is a limit on the number of notifications displayed at the same time)
  • Improved the elasticity of the block with the display of the names of the keys in the compound, minor other improvements
  • Improved the logic of favorite portfolios (now when you change a public portfolio added to favorites to private, instead of endless loading, a notification about this event is displayed)
  • Improved display of compound icons
  • Improved loading indicators when using the platform from a tablet
  • Made minor improvements to the widget
  • Minor improvements to the settings page logic
  • Unified date logic

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed incorrect display of the relative value of the histogram PnL
  • Fixed a bug with the lack of graph scales for Balance and Realized Profit
  • Fixed a bug with the lack of graph scales on the mobile version
  • Fixed broken portfolio page when portfolio description size is 500 characters
  • Fixed a bug with the ability to select a non-existent portfolio start date
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect centering of elements on the error 404 page
  • Fixed a bug with the inability to close the invitation to subscribe to the telegram channel
  • Fixed the work of the public/private portfolio switcher in the widget
  • Fixed minor bugs in the platform tour visual when using the platform from a tablet
  • Fixed a bug with displaying an incorrect error when adding a BitMex key
  • Fixed minor visual inaccuracies on the rating page

That’s all for today, but we continue to work with incredible productivity, and very soon we will share with you an even more improved platform.

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