What is Single Exchange Compound Portfolios?

What is Single Exchange Compound Portfolios?


Today we will talk about the platform’s unique feature, which is combining several keys from one exchange.

We’ve created a wonderful short video about this topic, and definitely recommend you check it out

Indeed, many of you have noticed the changed exchange icons while wandering around the platform.

For example, like this:

They reflect that the portfolio was created from several keys from the same exchange. Such a portfolio is called a compound.

Compounds are used for a more convenient display of statistics from several accounts and have no restrictions. There must be a minimum of 2 keys in one compound, but there is no maximum limit.

Such portfolios save a considerable amount of time for their owners, allowing them to analyze all kinds of statistics for any period and effectively evaluate positions on several accounts simultaneously.

Here is how to create a compound portfolio:
Go to dashboard

Add API keys from all exchange accounts you want to assemble into the compound.

Click on “Add portfolio”, and select all keys you want to see in it.

And then everything is standard: write a name, choose a start date, select the desired settings, and voila – you can enjoy your new compound portfolio.

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