What is Used Leverage?

What is Used Leverage?


Today we will talk about a new unique feature of the platform: the used leverage.

We’ve created a wonderful video about this topic, and definitely recommend you to check it out

UL, or Used Leverage, is a unique indicator that is calculated based on the size of the current deposit and open positions in the account.

It displays the loading of the portfolio with positions and allows you to assess the strategy’s risks accurately.

The calculation takes place according to the logic identical to the cross leverage. It doesn’t matter what the isolated leverage was; it is important how the size of all positions correlated with the deposit volume.

Let’s take it all in order:

The Max Leverage indicator displays the maximum used leverage for the selected portfolio history.

The Average Leverage indicator displays the average used leverage for the selected portfolio history period.

In addition, you can always disable or enable the graph display and the UL histogram by clicking on “Used Leverage” on the graph.

This action opens a chart showing the historical margin load on the deposit. The left scale refers to this graph.

The right one, in turn, refers to the histogram. Speaking of it, it displays the UL, direction, and absolute value of the volume of open positions.

All these indicators make it even easier to assess the strategy’s risk and evolution with the deposit’s growth, making tradelink an indispensable platform for analyzing trading strategies.

This was a short guide about Used Leverage, thanks for reading.

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