Positions monitor

Positions monitor


Today we will talk about position monitor.

We have a short video guide about this topic, and definitely recommend you to check it out

Our platform has the ability to fully publicly display your open futures positions, including on multiple accounts at the same time.

Today, this function is already used by hundreds of traders not only to prove the presence of a particular position but also for a more convenient display of all open positions on several exchanges.

For the position monitor to be displayed on the portfolio page, you need to activate the corresponding checkbox in the portfolio settings window.

Let’s take it all in order:

The position monitor is a portfolio statistics block that displays currently open positions.

Since a portfolio can consist of several keys from several exchanges, the position monitor displays all positions on all keys and exchanges connected to the portfolio.

All positions are displayed in the same format, namely:

Position direction and pair name.
Position volume.
Entry price.
Current asset price.
Leverage used in this position.
Position margin type.
Liquidation price.
Unrealized profit.

Positions can be sorted by each of the above parameters by clicking on the column of any of the parameters. Everything is as simple as possible.

All these features combined create a convenient in-browser position tracking tool that is easy to use on desktop and mobile platforms.

This was a short guide about positions monitor, thanks for reading.

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