Update in the last two weeks

Update in the last two weeks

We are not standing still!

For your attention a list of updates in just 2 weeks:

  • Refactoring of the Personal Account, now the portfolio page loads and works faster
  • Slightly improved the appearance of the personal account
  • Fixed a problem with displaying undefined in the Average Loss field
  • The calculation of the average loss value has been modernized. All portfolios are working correctly
  • Fixed minor bugs in the layout of the platform rating
  • Added prevention of accidental deletion of a key if it is linked to a portfolio

But the main event was our branded sticker pack in telegrams. It has become much more interesting to express your emotions together with Tradelink Ambassador – Trade. And here is her short description: 23 years old, smart, a little arrogant, not married. One of the few survived the Eternal Winter of 18-20. Fought bravely during the great heresy of Craig, and is one of the few awarded the Order of Saint Satoshi. A famous fighter with shield coins. The troll tamer Bitmex, and the Asian dragon. He is a member of the TradeLink Order.

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