Important news from last week

Ripple becomes a partner in the creation of digital pound sterling
The company has entered into an agreement with the Digital Pound Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is developing the U.K.’s national digital currency

Ripple has partnered with the Digital Pound Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is developing and implementing a digital pound in the United Kingdom. Ripple representative Susan Friedman will join the nonprofit’s board of directors.

The Digital Pound Foundation believes that the introduction of digital pound sterling will form the basis for the UK’s transition to an innovative digital economy, as well as ensure the country’s place in the emerging global digital space.

Binance logo to appear on Lazio soccer club uniforms
The crypto exchange announced a partnership with the team, as well as the release of its token on the Binance Fan Token platform

Crypto-exchange Binance has become the main sponsor of the form of soccer club Lazio, and also entered into a partnership agreement with it, according to a statement from the company. The trading platform will release the team’s fan tokens on the Binance Launchpad platform.

The official LAZIO fan token is a utility token that will allow fans to interact with the club through voting sessions as well as receive bonuses. For example, token holders will be able to receive various unique badges and awards, autographs, and even meet the team in person.

Coinbase announced the launch of an NFT marketplace
The first public cryptocurrency exchange has already opened enrollment for customers to get early access to the non-mutual token trading platform

The Coinbase exchange announced the launch of its own Non-exchangeable Token Marketplace (NFT). Users of the crypto exchange will be able to create, sell and buy NFT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards). Coinbase plans to add support for other blockchains in the future. Starting October 12, users can apply for early access to the NFT marketplace.

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