Miners’ income doubled, and Miami made more than $7 million in two months on its own cryptocurrency

Profits of bitcoin miners increased to $40 million per day
Current income from cryptocurrency mining is 270% higher than before halving.

Bitcoin miners’ profits have once again reached $40 million a day, according to Glass node. In April of this year, the profitability of mining set a high of $60 million per day. This happened against the backdrop of bitcoin reaching record price points near $65,000. After that, the profitability of mining the first cryptocurrency fell sharply amid a rollback in quotations and the ban on mining in China. In the summer, the value dropped to $20 million per day or 67% from the highs.

Analysts Glassnode found that the current income of miners increased by 275% compared to the values observed before the halving (halving) reward miners per mining unit. Back then, profits were at $14-18 million per day.

Miami has earned more than $7 million in two months on its cryptocurrency
In a year MiamiCoin will be able to bring the city about $60 million, said Miami Mayor Francis Suarez

The release of MiamiCoin, its cryptocurrency, brought the city more than $7 million in less than two months, according to The Washington Post. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez estimates that MiamiCoin could bring about $60 million to the city in a year. City officials use the funds to fund infrastructure projects and city events.

MiamiCoin was launched on Aug. 4 on the CityCoins platform, which allows municipalities to issue their digital coins.

MiamiCoin holders use stacking to create new tokens, which are split between them and the city at a 70/30 ratio. The cryptocurrency holders get most of it as a reward, and 30 percent goes to the city government.

TikTok will release a collection of NFT tokens
The collection will include six videos that the site calls “culturally relevant.” The proceeds will be distributed among the authors of the videos and the artists, who will work on the creation of NFTs

Short video creation and viewing service TikTok will release a collection of non-transferable tokens (NFTs). The TikTok Top Moments collection will feature six “culturally relevant” videos. The limited-edition NFTs will be released in collaboration with artists Coin Artist, x0r, RTFKT, and singer Grimes.

In August, TikTok announced a partnership with music streaming platform Audius. Its users were able to integrate their music tracks into TikTok for later use in creating videos. Against this backdrop, the value of Audus’ token rose 90% per day.

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