Unique NFT awards for participating in FTX cup #1 tournament

Unique NFT awards for participating in FTX cup #1 tournament

All summer, the TradeLink together with the FTX  worked hard to please traders with a large-scale tournament. The main difference from other tournaments is the prize pool of $50,000 and NFT-tokens which will be given to the winners. 

The tournament starts on September 25th and lasts a month. Registration is available here.

The winners of the FTX cup #1 tournament will win unique tokens that will provide privileges and opportunities. 

First of all, it’s beautiful. Just look at the beauty of the girls in the unique author’s work of professional artists: NFT collection

Secondly, there are unique bonuses and privileges. For example, on the TradeLink platform, a token can be used as a social achievement in your profile, and in the future, it will allow you to use TradeLink services free for life. In addition, each token will have unique characteristics, which will be used as an element of gamification of the platform and open up many interesting bonuses to the owners. The token can be withdrawn from the platform, and like any other NFT, it can be sold or bought on secondary markets. 

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