Global summer platform update

Global summer platform update

I haven’t heard from us in a while. That’s because we’ve been working hard to bring you a cool update. 

First of all, we redesigned the calendar, because it was no longer working correctly. Now you can easily choose from which date to start tracking trading activity. 

Also with the calendar were updated preset intervals, which now correctly show data for the selected period.

The PnL chart has been updated to look like a bar chart for easy perception.

It is believed that the income from trading can be considered only the withdrawn money, and not just an increase in the deposit. That’s why we added the index of total deposit and total withdrawal. 


In order for the trader to understand how much money he earned over time – we have added a linear graph of the compound interest.

For fans of trading from the phone the layout of the mobile version of the platform has been corrected and 19 bugs have been fixed.

Now when processing the api-key, the system reports the status (valid, not processed, etc.) so that users know what stage the connection is at now. 

Bug fixes

Recently we had a tester on the team who found over 150 bugs on the platform in such a short time! But we pulled ourselves together and started working hard. In just one week we managed to fix 35 bugs. One of the changes affected the calculation of averages (Av. Daily Profit, Av. Daily Profit, CAGR). Now you do not have to worry about the accuracy of these data. 

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