John McAfee’s Death and the Biggest Bitcoin Theft

John McAfee’s widow blames U.S. authorities for her husband’s death
Janice McAfee says the businessman did not want to commit suicide and planned to appeal a Spanish court ruling on extradition to the United States

The widow of John McAfee, the founder of the anti-virus company McAfee, blames U.S. authorities for the death of her husband, reports Reuters. Janice McAfee demands a thorough investigation into the circumstances of her husband’s death.

According to McAfee, just hours before his death, her husband had promised to call her in the evening. This indicates that the businessman did not intend to commit suicide, his widow claims. She also said her husband planned to appeal the Spanish court’s extradition verdict to the United States.

John McAfee was found dead in a Spanish prison on the evening of June 23. The lawyer of the businessman said that the cause of his death was suicide. On the same day, a Spanish court decided to extradite McAfee to the United States.

Every adult resident of El Salvador will receive $30 in bitcoins for free
Digital coins will be distributed to all residents of the country, who will start a special cryptocurrency wallet

El Salvador’s President Nayib Buquele announced at a press conference that every adult resident of the country who installs the state-developed Chivo cryptocurrency wallet app will receive $30 in bitcoins.

According to the president, the free distribution of digital coins is being conducted to promote the use of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Buechele says the app will work wherever there is a cellular signal. He also added that the law recognizing bitcoin as a means of payment will take effect on September 7 this year.

Founders of a South African crypto platform disappeared with $3.6 billion in bitcoins
Brothers Amir and Rais Keji are suspected of stealing 69,000 bitcoins. This could be the biggest cryptocurrency scam ever.

Two brothers, Amir and Rais Keiji, who founded investment platform Africrypt, are suspected of stealing $3.6 billion in bitcoins, Bloomberg reports. In April, the company’s executives announced that it had been hacked and funds stolen. Users were asked not to contact law enforcement because, according to Amir Keiji, it would have made it difficult to recover the cryptocurrency.

However, investors turned to Hanekom Attorneys, a law firm, to investigate what happened. Africrypt employees reportedly lost access to the site a week before its founder announced the hack.

The case is also being investigated by an elite unit of the South African police. It contacted cryptocurrency exchanges to prevent the attackers from selling the stolen cryptocurrency. However, the bitcoins were sent using special services that confuse the transactions. This makes it difficult to track the movement of funds. The site’s website is inaccessible.

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