Tradelink june update

Tradelink june update

For FTX: added a counter of the trading volume for the period

Now the chips that are available to everyone:

• On the yield graph, you can select the update rate

• We updated the PnL graph – now it reflects the increase in% per graph step, visually made it more transparent, added color separation into positive and negative values, and on the legend, you can now see the income in absolute numbers

• As many asked – added calculation of referral payments

• Onboarding has been updated for the convenience of new users (examples added)

• Changed the system of nicknames – now instead of incomprehensible numbers – a random nickname and an avatar from +100500 options will be issued

• Since 40% of our users use the platform from their phone, we have improved it. Everything has become much more readable, and the user experience is better developed

And now the bug fix report (you find, we fix it)

• The problem with incorrect work of filters in the rating has been fixed

• Fixed a problem with updating the BitMex exchange

• Fixed date filter bug on key pages

• Fixed issue with disappearing Favorites

• After the overload of Binance Futures on May 19, we updated the cluster operation system to correctly resume work in such situations.

• Fixed a large number of minor bugs

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