Cooperation with one of the largest exchanges – FTX

Cooperation with one of the largest exchanges – FTX

What’s up, buddies !?

Today we have a global update, TradeLink now supports FTX

FTX is one of the top exchanges with cool founders like Alameda Research, a nimble engine (and they didn’t crash on May 19), a large number of markets (they were among the first to introduce tokenized shares), good commissions, and a large program for the community.

How FTX works:

Subaccounts support – you can add all your sub-accounts by specifying the identifier (name) when adding the key;
The account balance is shown in USD;

The FTX exchange has a very interesting structure (a single wallet for Futures, Spot, etc.) and several API interaction features. The special nature of these features forced our Chief Technical Officer to visit a psychologist (okay just kidding, he always goes to the psychologist anyway). With these new updates, instead of the derivatives supported by our platform as a standard, we support all types of markets:

Spot (including Margin)
Leverage Tokens

The change in the value of assets in your wallet is taken into account when calculating PnL.

Important: Referral payments and bonuses (such as Fee Voucher) are not taken into account when calculating balance and PnL due to the lack of this data in the FTX API at the moment. Our team is working with FTX to solve this problem.

P.S We are already setting up a tournament in which all users of the FTX exchange will be able to take part. We’ve also added a few stats specifically for FTX. indicators, details in the upcoming updates.

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