The collapse of the bitcoin rate, and what followed

Against the background of the collapse of the crypto market, Ethereum miners earned 44.2 thousand coins on May 19 ($ 114 million at the current exchange rate). According to analysts, this is the largest daily earnings of miners of all time. On this day, commissions for transactions in the Ethereum network rose above $ 1.3 thousand. Miners receive part of the commissions as a reward.

Crypto billionaires lost $ 15.5 billion in nine days. The fall of bitcoin is to blame for everything, the Izvestia TV channel reports. The biggest losses were suffered by the founder of Alameda Research. Sam Bankman-Fried’s fortune fell from $ 16.7 billion to $ 11.5 billion. Vitaly Buterin has ceased to be a dollar billionaire. A native of Russia – co-author of the Ethereum blockchain platform.

The UK is planning to create a digital currency that will be backed by a central bank. British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak announced this.

“We are launching a new Treasury / Bank of England working group to coordinate research on the creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC),” the minister said.

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