Hello traders!

We have a lot of feedback from users that newbies get lost on the platform: they don’t understand where to start.

To get started with comfortable work, we have developed an Onboarding system for you (tips on getting started). Onboarding immerses new users in the product and tells how to get started on their first visit.

First, a window pops up with a story about Tradelink chips. You have to understand where you got to 🙂 We are not standing still and this list is constantly expanding 👇

Next, we walk users through the steps. Here’s what you need to do to enjoy working with TradeLink.

The first step is to add the api-key from the stock account. As it turns out, some users feel that it is not secure. We store only the keys for reading data in encrypted form, nothing threatens your balance and privacy.

Also touched upon the topic of tournaments and ratings. Previously, the buttons were the same and this caused confusion.

We advise you to go to the platform again and go through a small training course on your own🤝.

If you have ideas and wishes about what function to tell in the training tour, feel free to write them in the comments or on our social networks.

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