Ripple is going to go public, and NFT’s virtual picture was bought for $ 69 million

Hackers gained access to the personal data of Hotbit crypto exchange clients The marketplace has suspended operations after a hacking attempt. According to preliminary estimates, recovery of systems after an attack will take up to two weeks.

“XRP will rise another 400%.” What does Ripple’s possible IPO mean? The company plans to go public if it wins a lawsuit over the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

“Growth attracted criminals.” How fake NFTs will affect the market What is the threat of the appearance of copies of non-fungible tokens, and why it should be considered a stimulus for the evolution of technology.

In 2021, the technology of non-fungible tokens began to be applied in the field of art, since NFTs allow you to confirm the ownership of a digital or physical object. Such tokens cannot be divided and cannot be changed without the knowledge of the owner, however, attempts have already been recorded to counterfeit NFT tokens and mislead investors.

A hacker alias Monsieur Personne claims to have created fake copies of a non-fungible token tied to the artist Beeple’s Everyday: The First 5000 Days. Last month, the artist’s token was sold by auction house Christie’s for a record $ 69.3 million. The author of the fake tokens claims he wanted to show the unreliability of the NFT technology.

NFT token sold at auction for record $ 69 million

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