TradeLink Update

TradeLink Update

Dear friends! We got an update!

🆕 We changed adress to, so all the links now turn shorter. Example: 🔗

Previous “alpha” links are still available.

🆕 Now “Open positions” are shown in the block Position Monitor. To turn it on tick “Show in positions” in the portfolio settings.

On the composite portfolios of “Compound” type positions will be shown on the each API-key separately.

🆕 New advice system for the newbies, which you can find inside our service.

🆕 New community manager in our team: @smm_TradeLink via Telegram. Wait for new activities and ask all your questions about TradeLink!

🔜 There will be much more on February:

– Interface update

– Optimisation and speed of the current platform modules

– Addition FAQ

– Update of the tournament module

– Work with connection of the one of the top exchanges

Stay tuned!

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