Hi traders!
The TradeLink team works on improvement of our platform daily, and today we are gonna announce the new update!
What’s be there! (In fact, we have already released it, like ninja 🌝):

Accounting for commissions for the selected period

Now you can see the accounting of commissions for a specific period. Do you want to know how much you paid to the exchange for November or the first half of December? You are welcome!

Funding Fee accounting for the selected period

Now you will know how often you play against the market. New Feature — Funding Fee will show you (and everyone else) how often you short when everyone is long.

Composite portfolios

The ability to create composite portfolios and even cross-exchange one. Take, compose a portfolio from an account on Binance Futures, Bitmex or from several accounts on one exchange.
How does it work?

We combine all events (transactions, deposits, withdrawals) into a virtual 1 account, as if everything you did happened on 1 account and not on several.

In this case, the performance of several strategies will be shown, which are combined into one composite portfolio.

We have flat strategy here:
Griddy USDT — M (Griddy USDT-M)

Profit, ALL: 581.36%.

Balance: 13453.70

USDTMDD: 26.92%

We have trend strategy splitted in 2 accs
Current performance:

Profit, ALL: 118.95%

Balance: 10201 USDT

MDD: 27.97%

As a result we ger composite portfolio ( [Compound] Trend + Griddy USDT M)
Profit, ALL: 164.63%

Balance: 55962 USDT

MDD: 20.86%

Soon we will add Bybit as well!

One hour data on graphic

You no longer need to worry about the minimum point per week or day. Now the minimum point on the chart is the hour. See your statistics by the hour, improve and earn more!

Optimization — faster loading of ratings and portfolios

And a little about performance. It annoys you all when something takes a long time to load. And us too. Therefore, we performed a qualitative optimization. Your portfolios and ratings will load much faster

Other little things

We have improved the display of widgets, now they look juicy and beautiful!
Fixed all the minor bugs that you wrote to us on our social networks

In conclusion, we would like to thank our entire community for the quality feedback, help in finding bugs and features. You make us better!

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